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Newspaper publishers today have to be more innovative than ever. They have to contain costs and improve efficiency, all while aggressively approaching new profit centers like alternate publication delivery and free publications. We help achieve these goals, and publishers are embracing the MyDistrict.Net system enthusiastically.

Case Studies

The Dallas Morning News
Our first publication, The Dallas Morning News, has been using MyDistrict.Net to manage distribution since April 2001.  The Dallas Morning News has virtually 100% adoption of MyDistrict.Net by the independent contractors in their core market, with over 7600 unique route books in the system containing over 2 million delivery instructions.  eBook devices have been recently deployed, eliminating time, hassle, and cost of supporting printing daily route lists.  There are currently over 500 eBooks being used each day.  TDMN has outsourced handling of all Alternate Pub data to MyDistrict.Net, which is currently processing Financial Times, USA Today, and Investors Business Daily.

"The most important testimonial your company could ever hope to achieve comes directly from our Independent Contractors, who have shared with me directly that they find MyDistrict.Net simple to use; effective and reliable. Additionally, they seem very pleased with your company's on-going customer support. When the need help they get it promptly, and in our business that’s critical.

As you know, we’ve been using your system for several years now, and I can honestly say that I don’t know how we would get along without it. It has proven to be a significant enhancement in supporting our daily operations."
-John Walsh (Senior Vice President/Circulation)

"MD.Net has proven to be a reliable stable system that provides considerable support to our contractors. It provides flexibility in managing both the financial and operational aspects of their businesses"
- Chip Danneker (Senior Circulation Director/Operations)

"MyDistrict functionalities such as billing and delivery list are very intuitive and user friendly.  Any Independent contractor with minimal PC knowledge can navigate their way through it. Additionally the one-on-one support provided by Rob and Mark has been priceless"
-Goddey Ejuwa (Asst. Director/Home Delivery Operations)

The San Diego Union-Tribune
San Diego Union-Tribune began using our system in April, 2007. The chief goals of San Diego were to cut costs by streamlining communication with distributors. By completely replacing their internal printed mail, they stand to save significantly just in printing costs. They still have their internal mail available to print in the event of an emergency, but will be relying solely on MyDistrict.Net mail for contractor communication. The MyDistrict.Net route books are a big hit with the distributors, and the eBook system is schedule for deployment in January 2008. With 9 alternate publications in addition to their main publication, with a wide variety of delivery frequencies, the MyDistrict.Net System is a natural fit to simplify distribution at the Union-Tribune.

"Newspapers are being challenged on multiple fronts these days, two of the more serious are the need for expense reduction and the challenge to the independence of the carrier.  MyDistrict.Net is a great solution to both.  

First, they are a one stop shop for carrier mail, carrier payments, CPT reports, route sequencing and much much more.  Second, it really helps us solidify our distributors' and carriers' independence.  Unlike our own system, we cannot quantify how much each distributor/carrier consumes of our system time or paper goods.  MyDistrict.Net bills each distributor through us for their individual usage.  This enables us to insure that our costs are fully appropriated and each distributor pays for his or her usage.

In addition MyDistrict.Net gives the ability to sequence routes where it belongs, with the distributor and the carrier and each have the ability to sequence routes separately from each other.  Further, the sequencing is proprietary to the distributor and carrier who can share it with the publisher if they wish with a mere flick of a switch. 

This is all made possible by the very intuitive and service oriented partners of MD.Net Mark Frizzell and Rob Hudson.  I dare you to find vendors anywhere as service oriented as these folks!"
-Pete Savoie (Consumer Distribution Manager)

Houston Chronicle
The Houston Chronicle signed on with MyDistrict.Net in January, 2008, with the goals of streamlining distributor communication, cutting costs, and improving service levels for all publications.

Because the Houston Chronicle has an independent distributor force, they opted to make the program voluntary, and to pass the cost off completely to the distributors by implementing our per-distributor billing feature.  Since implementation, the goals have been met with stellar success.  90% of the distributors have seen enough benefit to voluntarily sign up and cover the cost of the system. 

Houston Chronicle has benefited from an extraordinary increase in carrier service levels, particularly among their alternate publications.  In addition to improved service levels, Houston Chronicle has experienced significant cost savings in printing, as well as other streamlining functions such as our integrated Supply Ordering system.

"The Houston Chronicle began using MyDistrict.net (MDN) in January 2008. In less than a year, ninety percent of our independent contractors have signed up for MDN. The MDN web based application is easy to use for the novice PC user, yet offers an all-in-one application for daily activity reports, carrier payroll, complaint reporting, and a subscriber accounts aging report. In addition to our newspaper, our contractors deliver up to four additional newspapers. MDN consolidates the data from five publications in a simplified format on the daily activity report. These are just a few of the features. With the contractors using MDN we have seen a 62% improvement in delivery service. To encourage our contractors to use all of the features of MDN we began offering demonstration classes on how to use every feature available in the application."
-J.W. Smith (Circulation Electronic Products Manager)

Partner Publications

Virtually all of our publishers delivery third party publications within their market. Third party publishers prefer to do business with publishers who use MyDistrict.Net.

"The MyDistrict.net solution to route management works with alternate product delivery. Several of Investor’s Business Daily’s home delivery partners have incorporated MyDistrict.net into their circulation management system. In each case, IBD has experienced improvement in year over year service levels. I’d recommend MyDistrict.net to any circulation department who’s interested in improving their delivery processes."
-Doug Fuller (Vice President, Circulation, Investors Business Daily)

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