Optimize your field operations

Streamline information delivery

We automate delivery of your information to your distributors and carriers daily.
  • Reduce printing costs! Distributors can print off their own mail and stackout sheets from home.
  • Eliminate paper altogether by having distributors download their mail and route books to eBook handheld devices.

Integrated Alternate Publication delivery

We seamlessly integrate your alternate pub information so that it is easy for distributors to service alternate pub accounts.
  • Alternate Pub draw and bundle count information are integrated with the stackout sheets.
  • Alternate Pubs are automatically included in the route books and clearly identified.
  • Outsource your Alternate Pub processing!  We can accept the Alternate Pub data directly from the publication and process it for you, reducing the strain on your internal IT department.

Better distributorships

Placing better tools in the hands of distributors benefits everyone.
  • Distributors use complaint analysis tools to improve service levels
  • Streamlined information flow reduces errors and improves efficiency
  • Paperless delivery lists require less maintenance result in more accurate delivery.

Low overhead

  • Very low maintenance -  We only need a daily file extract from the publisher to our FTP site.  We automatically process the data and provide it to the distributors on a secure website.
  • Very low cost -  Depending on your contract relationship with your distributors, most costs after the initial setup are covered by the distributors.

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